Finding echo in the works of the existentialists and documentary photographers such as Robert Adams, I am interested in the ways man deals with his existence and creates illusions to escape from his own anguish. I explore the consequences of this struggle on ourselves and our environment and in doing so, try to bring out what is most human about our very desire for illusion. In other words, I don’t wonder why we exist, but rather how we accept the fact that we do.

Documentary photography satisfies my endeavors in the sense that it implies an honest, persistent engagement with the world. I find meaning in photography as a way of getting to be conscious, as a mechanism for accepting reality. I work mainly with film photography, as opposed to digital, not as a matter of principle but because of the risk it involves. The photographs that I take rely on my capacity at being at the right place rather than on my desire of obtaining the right result. Photography continuously sends me back to myself and my experience of the present; this responsibility is what pushes me to take photographs.

© Clara Prioux 2015